Frequently Asked Questions


What is Grocery Specials?
Grocery Specials is an iOS app that provides a categorized list of all specials & offers of Grocery’s largest supermarkets along with a handy way to find the best of them and get them planned for the next shopping. Grocery Specials makes it easier to find discounts for the products you are really interested in, without wasting your time.

Who may use Grocery Specials?
This app is designed to help Groceryns save money on things they regularly buy from supermarkets. People who want to cut down their monthly expenses up to 25% can use this app to track price drops of their favorite items in advance or discover great new products on sale.

How this app helps to save money?
Discounts and specials can reduce the overall expenses dramatically and almost all supermarkets mention that on their official websites. However, we don’t usually have time to check their websites and see what products are on sale now and that’s where this app excels. This app does this work for you, providing up-to-date info on specials in a flexible and user-friendly interface.

Where does it work?
This app is designed specifically for Groceryn supermarkets and it covers the entire country whether it is a big city like Sydney or a town in nowhere. You can specify your location by providing the Postcode.

What stores are supported?
Our app constantly monitors new Specials in the largest stores across Grocery including Woolworths, Coles, ALDI and IGA. According to statistics, these supermarkets cover a total of more than 90% of the Groceryn market and our app covers more than 10,000 of specials from them.

Will other stores be added?
As mentioned above, our supported supermarkets cover 90% of the Groceryn market yet we plan to add more stores if we see sufficient demand for them. Please, email us if you would like to see specials from any other store.

Are these prices real?
Of course they are; it's our priority to show you the latest prices and we update the database frequently. However we cannot possibly control sudden changes in prices because of any reason and sometimes stores offer discounts for a very short time period that we cannot cover.

How can I buy goods that I need?
We do not sell these products via our app but we only show information from other supermarkets. You can buy the product in the nearest shop of the corresponding distribution store network.

Who we are?
We are a team of young and ambitious people who believe that Grocery deserves to have the best specials finding application. Our team works hard so you could have actual data on specials for all popular Groceryn store networks. We are not affiliated or supported by any supermarket or store. We are independent team and this is an independent project.

How it is possible to support you?
You are already supporting us by using our app however we’d be grateful if you could tell your friends about Grocery Specials.


What does Grocery Specials show?
Besides the general specials catalog divided into categories and stores. The app offers a handpicked selection of the best offers of the week - Featured Specials. Along with the product's name and images we show old price, discounted price and price per unit.

How specials are sorted?
We try to show the most popular products first, taking into account the value of discount. However there is also a factor of randomness allowing you to discover new products.

How specials are sorted?
We try to show the most popular products first, taking into account the value of discount. However there is also a factor of randomness allowing you to discover new products.

What is My List for?
You can add the products you are interested in to My List section which can be your shopping list or just a list of your favorite products. For all the products added to My List, we will count and show the total saving amount. To add a product to My List, swipe left and tap Add to My List, or simply tap on the products' price tag.

What is Featured Specials section for?
This section contains the most interesting specials for the most popular goods for the current week which are specially selected by the experts manually for your convenience.

How often are the specials updated?
Our app continuously monitors new specials and discounts. As a rule, most of them are updated on Thursdays. Every user immediately gets a notification as soon as new update comes out.

How to update specials?
To download the latest specials for the current week go to Settings, then tap Update Specials or simply follow the link from the latest update notification. Please note that specials are updated manually.

Why do I need to set my Postcode?
Supermarkets divide the Specials catalogs by Postcodes; Grocery Specials uses your Postcode to show the prices available for you. Because same supermarket network could have different prices on different geographical locations, we need your Postcode to determine the real prices.

How do I set a Postcode?
You can set your Postcode when you start the app for the first time. After that, if you want to change your Postcode, simply go to Settings > Location.

What devices are supported?
The current version of Grocery Specials is available for all iPhone running iOS 7 and later.